Our Craft

We specialize in custom jewelry design & production.

This includes lapel pins, necklaces, bracelets & bands, hair clips, earrings, charms, chokers, tie clips, collar stays, brooches, cufflinks, and money clips.

Each piece is individually evaluated throughout the product development lifecycle– from concept to packaging, in effort to ensure our clients and their customers receive nothing short of a superior grade product.


Our Company

Founded on collegiate apparel in 2009, we've since expanded to national outlets, creating a series of distinctive products- each designed for a niche target audience.

Fervent advocates for quality craftsmanship, we're avid designers + engineers who take great pride in our work.

We approach each product as a unique endeavor by focusing on our core strengnths- these are the skills and expertise which set us apart:

  • In-depth Market Knowledge

  • Full Production Lifecycle Control

  • Brand & Trademark Proficiency

  • Audience Tailored Design + Identity


One more thing

Product stewardship and transparency are integral components of our business.
Our products are designed in-house, with manufacturing locations in Florida and Toronto. Materials are sourced through Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong.

Our alloys and final products are independetly tested according to CPSIA standards with full reports made available to our buyers. We also provide Materials/ Product Safety Data Sheets whenever necessary.

We run a paperless office, recycle 20x the waste we produce, maintain an employee garden, and provide for safe and modern workplaces for our employees and partners.

Our interns are always compensated.